Plesk + LiteSpeed + reverse proxy to docker with SSL

I’m running Plesk 18.0.48 with LiteSpeed Enterprise 6.0.12. I have set up an another web server in docker for running a PHP 5.6 application. I can’t figure out how to get SSL to work. Without SSL it works fine but when accessing with https:// it throws the Plesk default page. Seems that the proxy rule is not configured right. SSL-certificate is handled by certbot inside the same docker container with web server.

I have these additional directives set up for the domain:

RewriteEngine On
REWRITERULE \^(.\*)$ HTTP://maxboom-docker/$1 \[P\]

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule \^ https://%{HTTP\_HOST}%{REQUEST\_URI} \[L,R=301\]
REWRITERULE \^(.\*)$ HTTP://maxboom-docker/$1 \[P\]

\- Container is using ip
\- In LS WebAdmin external app I have tried changing the address from to
\- On docker container I have published these ports: 49101:443 and 49100:80
\- I can access the site in docker with SSL if I’m using
\- I have tried using Plesk’s Docker Proxy Rules for port 443 but it doesn’t work either.
\- Tried enabling/disabling SSL/TLS support in hosting settings
\- Hosting type for the domain is Website hosting

Thank you in advance, your help is very appreciated!

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