Point of Contact at Client was Fired

Looking for advice about what to do here. I’m pretty new to freelancing and have just started to build up a client base. One of these clients is (was?) a company I previously worked for, and my former boss was my point of contact there. He offered me consistent and well-paying work, and I delivered well-received products in return. There was previously talk of negotiating a retainer, but he opted to keep me on a project by project basis because it ultimately paid better, and he was all to happy to help me out. Unfortunately, I just found out that he was fired today. I’d like to maintain my company as a client, but I’m not entirely certain how to go about doing so. Should I reach out to other contacts at the company? Should I wait for them to come to me or would that run the risk of me falling through the cracks?

Update: I’ve since reached out to another manager at the company and was told that they’d like to retain me as a contractor. Thanks for all the advice!

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