Possibly AH Client

So I had a client hire me to be their main designer in their team. Everything was going smoothly, designs went fine and they loved them. When it was time for them to pay me a deposit for the designs, they went behind my back (they didn’t even tell me, I just found out) they hired another designer and got the designs done. Now they just texted me saying that they have the psd file and are asking if I can take over. Honestly a part of me wants to but another doesn’t because;

They were assholes (idk why they treated me like that, me allowing the job could make me feel like they can walk all over me all they want) I feel like it degrades me as a female designer

I could agree to the offer, I do need the money but not desperately because I’m already handling another client at the moment. I’d appreciate any kind of advice on this situation

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