PostgreSQL with recommended hosts?

I’ve been looking at the different hosts recommended on the sidebar but I can’t seem to find any info on what versions of phpPgAdmin they have and was wondering which may be most compatible with what I’m looking for in general!

Stuff from the questionnaire:

\- Budget is around the basic/mid tier plans for most of the suggestions, $10 a month is the max I could do but I’m definitely looking at the stuff around $5- $6

\- Location is the US! Users are from all over

\- I’m working on a pretty simple game site that’ll need a few databases for user profiles/inventories. Bluehost(my current host) has been giving me bad vibes as far as flexibility goes so I’m definitely gonna be switching to a new host but am unsure which would be best for my needs! Monthly traffic shouldn’t be super high, as of current there’d only be a couple users but it may increase in the future

\- I have basically zero experience so apologies if this is super obvious or misguided!

\- I’m currently looking at shared hosting from Nixihost and ibwebfusion right now. Honestly anything that has cpanel or something like it to make things easier for newbies like me but lets me use a more updated version of phpPgAdmin/postgre would be ideal

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