Proposals with line item costs vs. one big roll-up number


I launched my freelance creative business last year. My offering is full-service, and proposals are in the 40-80k range. With such a high ticket service, I don’t have to close that many deals, but even so, I’d like my close rate to be better for the business I *really* want.

One theory I have is that my proposals might be too high-level. I walk through what we’ll accomplish in a story format, but I don’t line-item each service and its price. If I go that route, I fear people will begin trying to pick and choose services—and I aim to be as full-service as possible for the type of business I want to run.

That said, I can see how being more detailed might give prospects more confidence in what they’re getting for the high price.


What have you found more success with?

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