Question about agreed price for certain work

So I agreed on a gig setting up a paywall for a website that will sell courses. They started out with 1 course and in the future it will turn into more.

With the info the owner gave me, I estimated it would take around 20 hours to complete. To give some details, I had experiende in setting this up in WordPress. So we agreed upon a price of 500 euros.

Now after a meeting with the nice owner and the dickhead of a creative visionary. It turned out they where not using WordPress, but only plug ins and hosted the website themselfs. Plug ins I had no experience in. But I thought I would manage and I did.

Now the issue is it took me 60-65 actual hours to get it completed. Working closely with the nice owner, who knew nothing about this kind of work, since the creative visionary was on holidays.

Another thing this visionary used deepl to just blindly translate texts, so the results where sad and hilarious. I was kind enough to adjust them.

Now my question. We agreed upon a price based on the work that needed to be done, with only verbally mentioning the time it would take. How do I go about making the client aware that the originally agreed price is not even close to sufficient with the work it took.

My dillema here is, that in the future if the site goes well, it can give me opportunities and the exposure will also give me the opportunity to land clients. So I don’t want to burn bridges, even tho I don’t like the creative visionary.

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