Question about buying a Web Domain (cost and negotiation)

So, I recently tracked down the owner of “my last name . com” they’re not using it and they are willing to sell it, but they’ve opened with a request of $6k. My last name is not common but I share it with a famous artist (He’s not Van Gogh famous or really a household name but his work never comes down in the MOMA / MET). I’d love your advice on standard cost and negotiation.

**–edit: Just googled the owner. Apparently he’s an art collector who owns work by the artist I share a name with.**

**– second edit / update: thank you all for the comments and advice. I replied and mentioned that I was not representing a company and would be using this website personally. I asked if the price was flexible and the owner offered to give me the domain for free in return for donating 1k to a Ukrainian relief NGO of my choosing! This story is becoming quite heartwarming.**

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