Question: How do I tell in person client I would like to be only remote?

Context: I used to work for this client (let’s call them Shannon) a couple of years ago, as a full time employee with standard 9-5 hours. I was miserable having to drive ~40 mins everyday to sit at a desk.

Left that job after being there for 8ish months, not loving it for many reasons, but Shannon and my coworkers were great. It’s just the specific industry and content that I truly had no passion for.

Fast forward to Dec 2022. I was working elsewhere at a media company and was apart of the many layoffs and decided to go freelance. I love it. Coincidently right when I started freelancing and looking for clients, Shannon’s assistant reached out to me about a question and then I mentioned how I was looking for work in a freelance capacity.

One thing led to another and I signed them on as a client for ~15 hours a week in person. I’ve been back for about 2 months and I realized EVERY OTHER CONSULTANT/ FREELANCER we work with for Shannon’s business is remote. I don’t understand why I can’t also be remote if they can too. Shannon’s business is pretty old school so I know sometimes she needs stuff printed or to go over stuff in person, but literally EVERYTHING i do is online.

I’m just not sure how to bring up I want to be remote (obvs open to coming in for special occasions) and justify that if everyone else can be remote, what can’t I?

Advice on this would be greatly appreciated because they are great people who have been good to me and I don’t want to hurt feelings.

EDIT: I am very appreciative of all the advice. I am very new to this, so I have really been thankful for this community. i’m planning to talk to them next week and be remote. Thank you!

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