Quitting contract early for mental health reasons

I started working with a new client on Nov. 1, doing writing work for 5 hours per week. During the last week of November, they asked if I could help provide maternity leave cover for 10 weeks, starting the following weds. That bumped my commitment up to 15 hours per week.it should have been a red glad they were only thinking about that one week ahead of time.

After just one week, I realized a few things. The account facing role (it’s a PR agency) is chaos. I took on too much work, and I’m an anxious and depressed mess. I honestly don’t think I can get through these ten weeks but I feel absolutely stuck and panicked over it. Is there anything I can do to solve this one?

Edited to add my contract asks for 30 days notice. Would be okay going back down to our original agreement but I don’t think that’s a viable option.

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