Rain Loop for email client? Best way to secure Email services and setting up FTP / Cloud capabilities?

SO I got nixihost.com for web hosting to learn how to make a website by making one about pirates under their professional plan….

I have emails set up but I have to go through cPanel…

Which is fine for me but for other family members they just want to hop on like gmail or something similar, log in and be done with it…

I also understand having the default email connection setup is very unsecure…
But again new to all this… I use Thunderbird but I would like to set it up for both IPhone and Android access..

App is not right now desired but a possibly sometime in the future..

I found Rain Loop as a email client but I am having trouble understanding this email plugin. I would like to set it up so people can sign up, register and create a email address under my domain. I would eventually would like to set it up like posteo.de email service with the email aliases under the main email account.
The second feature would be secure transport email encryption protocol like posteo, return receipt and deliver confirmation boxes through the web browser interface.
Again… like posteo.de… big fan of their setup and would like to emulate it on my web hosting setup..

I am also searching for ways to set up a FTP / Cloud protocol but I have no clue where to start.

As for web publishing, Word Press would be nice but good old HTML with Notepad will be desired.
So beside WordPress, what other plugins could be used to make a site that can attach an email sign up box under my domain name when people visit the site?

Last and optional is a some form of chat or messaging plugin.
Plus some form of online community similar like reddit.

I know about IRC and Discord but again… I have been out of the loop for so long with so many options I don’t know where to start!

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