Recommendation for a hosting service in the MENA region

Hi, I have a couple of websites (conference/community) that are hosted on Bluehost. So far I did not have any significant issues with it, possibly because I optimized the heck out of my websites. I am ramping up the effort for those sites, and I expect a much more consistent increase in users. I read a lot of people have been having issues with Bluehost, therefor if I were to move to a new platform, now would be the ideal time for me, rather than in the middle of a marketing campaign.The plan is to start with their lowest plan that supports 3 domains and SSL, and upgrade later when needed. Emails are hosted on Gsuite.

* **What is your monthly budget?**
* **Where are you/your users located?**
Most of the users are located in the Middle East, North Africa.
* **What kind of site are you hosting (WordPress, phpBB, custom software, etc) or what is your use case?**
Mainly PHPBB (MySQL, Javascript), might add a WordPress one.
* **Do you have a monthly traffic volume? Estimates are ok.**
Our peak today is 1k/day, this number is bound to increase as there is a lot of room to grow and new efforts in place, with occasional spikes during events.
* **If you’re looking at VPSes: Do you have experience administrating linux servers and infrastructure?**
I don’t think I need a VPS for this, but do I have linux experience.
* **Did you read the sidebar/check out the hosts listed there? I’ve personally vetted these companies and their services are a good fit for 99% of people.**
Yes, but most of these services are not in the Middle East. I am not sure how much the location would affect the traffic, but I guess an EU server is better than a US one.

I would appreciate your input on something reliable and fast, with good support.

Thank you

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