Recommendations for Hosting & Domain registration for small business in Europe

Hello! I’ve checked out the hosting options on the sidebar and read through posts but I’m still feeling a bit confused – some background on my requirements:

\- Business is a small 10 room hotel in Europe

\- Needs fast page loads & high availability, but will be low traffic given the nature of the business

\- I’m a software dev with some experience setting up servers, but I’m taking this on in addition to my full time job, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it – unsure if I should go with managed vs. unmanaged

\- Planning to use wordpress to create the site, as I’m hoping the owners can update content on their own once I’ve set it up. I have no wordpress experience (but am very comfortable with html, js, php)


Additionally, does anyone have recommendations on sites to register a .gr domain? Most recommended sites do not offer .gr



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our recommended web hosting companies


website link:


website link:

InMotion hosting

website link:


website link:

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