Reliable hosting for personal website built from scratch

Hi everyone, I recently programmed a personal website(no wordpress) with CSS and HTML. Its main purpose is basically a portfolio to display my projects. I purchased a domain from [](, however, I am now conflicted with what shared hosting site I should use.

Here is more questionnaire info:

\-Budget is around 5 dollars max per month, but would prefer around $3-4.

\-I programmed this small website with the above languages.

\-I expect traffic to be low-medium, as right now it is just a personal website, but do wish to add tutorials for projects to it in the near future(1-2 years).

I looked at the sidebar, and this is where my main issue is, every recommended hosting site seems to have plenty of negative reviews, such as hostgator. I also want a site that could make it easy to move where I host, just in case. If you guys recommend a hosting site, can you also recommend any add ons provided on that site, such as SSL certificates, etc. I haven’t done much research on this, but will continue reading up on this. Thank you to the community in advance, I look forward to seeing what would work best.

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