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Hello all,

I bought a domain via Shopify and put my real personal information. FYI I am based in France and from what I understood, domain’s information and ownership have to be publicly published.
However, my personal data is now on []( and I’d like to change that and make it private. How would you advice I go about this?

\- There is no “ privacy” option on shopify

\- I changed the domain’s information on shopify, it changed a portion of []( information, but my personal address, email and phone number still remain.

\- I emailed Tucows who seem to be the domain provider and they said “(my domain) is registered as an organization – Registrant Type    organization – and according to Afnic (the .fr registry) organizations are not eligible for anonymization. anonymization is for names registered to an individual)

\- Should I pay the 25$ option to make the info private as shown on []( website? Can I trust it?

\- I was thinking of letting go of the domain (still have to figure out how to do that) and then buyt it again with fake information. Or let go of the domain, and buy a .com domain.

Will greatly appreciate any input you have here. Thanks a lot in advance!!

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