Reputation Management or publicity company? – All I need is a positive news article

I was arrested, and a negative newspaper article was written about me and the surrounding circumstances.The article is from December 2018. To make matters worse. I have a unique name. As in, there’s only like 2 other people in the country with my first and last name.The article shows up on Google’s first SERP.
I really think all I need is 1 positive news article about me, to knock the negative article from the first page. Let me mention the efforts/other information why I think this

– yes, I’ve already politely tried asking the newspaper to deindex the article
– I only have 1 bad article, and nothing else negative on the internet
– The newspaper is the main county newspaper, the county I live in is about 230k people. The newspaper’s website has a domain authority score of 74.
– The same newspaper published a positive newspaper article that I was featured in, August 2017, and now because of the December 2018 article, the August 2017 doesn’t show up in the search results (first page at least)
– I have done everything suggested as far as creating positive content, profiles
– facebook
– instagram
– Twitter
– quora
– my own personal website named
– linkedin
– pinterest
– medium
– YouTube

YouTube has been hands down, the most effective tool. And the results were pretty much instant.. like an hour later…since Google owns YouTube. I’ve been working on my online reputation for 2 months now. Before, if i was googled as “first last city, state” an actual featured snipet was populated of the negative article…so rank #0!! A few days ago I uploaded a few short YouTube videos with my name and location in the titles, no more snipet!! And the negative article is now around #5. If I google me just as “first last” the negative article is now around result #10….so AMAZING progress.

So given the facts and history….I want to find a company/business that will have a positive article published about me to an appropriate news website (authority wise). Like they can interview me, or write about meeting a potato chip for all I care…I just need a positive or neutral article to help hide the negative one.

Can anyone suggest a company/resource that does these 1 time projects? Can anyone tell me how much something like this would cost? Remember, I’m not competing with The NY Times! It’s the local county paper with a DA score of 74.


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