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Hi all,

Without making this too long – I’m an SEO/content/digital marketing person who convinced my company to let me go remote back to a state that offers more of the recreational activities I enjoy. I have lots of connections etc here. We have lost some clients, and the agency said I could do some sales, etc on top of my normal job for my commission. I am okay with this and excited – feels like a huge opportunity.

First off – how do I even get started? I am allowed to use the company name etc and pitch all of our marketing/advertising services which feels like an advantage over past freelance endeavors.

Is there anything that might be frowned upon in digital marketing sales that I should avoid? I am starting off by putting out feelers with people I know with connections, and emailing businesses in industries I’m familiar with that have open marketing/advertising positions.

Any other general advice or tips? If I’m successful in expanding our company client base to my current state, this could be a huge opportunity career-wise and financially. The company I work for has been great to me and this sounds like a way to benefit both of us.


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