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Hi there,

Can anyone point me towards some resources on scaling digital marketing agencies? I am currently pretty small (turnover of 200k AUD) but have systematized a lot of the work and automated as much as possible.

I’ve been running my agency for 2.5 years and am trying to decide what I want to do with my career as I am finishing my computer science degree this year.

Main things I’m trying to figure out:

* Go for lots of medium sized businesses (current strategy) or go for a few of the bigger fish?
* With the medium sized businesses what I do is offer a low touch subscription based model for their digital marketing needs. i.e. little to no meetings after initial set up, give them a standard social presence package and then run the occasional campaign as and when they need it.
* What is the upper limit for people running digital marketing agencies in terms of profit? I know there are a lot of answers to this question but still interested to see how people have done in this area.

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