setting boundaries in a “full time freelance” arrangement where im treated like an employee

i started working as a “full time freelancer” at an ad agency in the US (legally signed on as an independent contractor). they basically treat me like an employee—expect me to be on call 9-5, use their tools, disclose all my availability—ofc without any benefits. today they tried asking me to join a meeting 3 min before it started.

the creative director i’m in contact with is asking for my schedule every day and i tried pushing back, saying that breaches the nature of my role, that i should be able to set my own hours as long as i allocate the amount of time we agreed upon for on their projects (30-40hrs/week), and that they should figure out a workflow that incorporates this fact.

i’m not that busy and don’t have other clients but i don’t want them thinking they can take advantage of me just because i’m younger with less freelance exp and happen to need some work rn.

i’d really appreciate some advice on how to handle dealing with this situation. should i try “training” them to respect my boundaries? should i bring up the legal consequences for them if they keep this up?

i plan to file a worker misclassification form to my state DOL and try to rally the other contractors working with this company, cuz they seem to be fine with this arrangement :/

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