Should I accept a website redesign project if the content (mostly the text) is terrible and the client refuses to make changes?

The potential client has a small business and a website that he built by himself. It is terrible in any possible way and needs to be redesigned.

Although I’m a web dev and not a copywriter, I can clearly see that the text is poorly written and it makes the site look unprofessional. For example, there’s a paragraph talking badly about the competition (without naming anyone in particular tho) and explaining how he or his business is not like theirs. In general, I believe that it would scare customers away rather than attract them. There’s much more but I don’t want to make this too long.

The point being is that I want to build projects that I can show to potential clients. I will ask if he’s willing to make changes to what’s written already, but if he refuses, should I pick up this project?

What would you do?

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