Should I charge more since they want me to do SEO?

My official title is Digital Marketing Assistant. Majority of my responsibilities are Email marketing, graphic design, social media management, video editing, and I manage two more people under me for other tasks.

Recently my employer wants to add SEO in the mix and I’m a bit triggered by it. He wants me to increase my skill and in all aspects mentioned above while thinking adding SEO. I don’t have a problem with SEO since I like learning about it, but my responsibilities has grown from Assistant to Head with salary increase and now he is giving me more work without considering changing my title or my salary.

I’m paid $489 USD per month and was thinking of quitting if my boss keeps on being a SCOPE CREEP. I do want to negotiate but I feel like my boss thinks everything a Digital Marketing person does is easy! 😮‍💨

I’m not sure what to do or say at this point. He doesn’t listen to me. Please help.

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