Should I choose an agency with a low GTmetrix score for their own website?

So I’m currently looking at agencies for PPC and possibly website optimization (content, funnel). I’m doing it in house but I think there is a lot of room for improvement.

I found an agency with high scores on Clutch (not sponsored, which I scroll past anyway), but I ran their site through GTmetrix and it came out with an E score. On Google Insights core web vitals failed and even on desktop it came out with a score of 61.

The issue is that I really like what the owner says. He has published multiple video chats with clients and asks them what they think of his services and they all respond positively.

There is a ton of other social proof that doesn’t look like it could be faked.

Also, when I watch him on video, I like him as a person. I’ve worked with agencies in the past and I’m all too aware of what slick, empty salespeople sound like. He doesn’t sound like this.

I’m mostly interested in PPC, though I am also interested in getting thoughts on where my funnel could use work.

What would you do?

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