Should I have two portfolios, one for freelancing and the other for applying to full-time jobs?

Hey everyone, I need some advice. I’m a recent design graduate and have been applying to full-time jobs but have gotten no luck with it so far. In the mean time, about 6 months ago I started freelancing as another way to gain experience whilst applying and have had a few clients since.

I hear some workplaces may not want to hire someone full-time who is a freelancer, especially if they have a services section in their portfolio, so would this mean I should make two portfolio? One that caters to applying for jobs and one that’s for clients? Thank you! 🙂

Edit: Thank you guys for the great advice! Just to clarify, by a “services section” I meant a page that would show the services that I would offer to clients + their different packages (e.g. web design and development etc.) apologies if I phrased it poorly!

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