Simply put- how do you keep your shit in order?

I’d especially appreciate input from other ADHD people and/or fellow nervous wrecks.

Usually, I can keep all my ducks in a row… as long as nobody’s rushing me, angry at me, or confusing me. I get frazzled pretty easily, and whenever that happens, I start making stupid mistakes. They can all be fixed quickly and it’s never anything major (so far), but they’re literally just so stupid– like misreading a small bit of text, *twice in a row–* that it’s embarrassing, not to mention unprofessional. I can triplecheck myself and still get it wrong if I’m stressing enough, but I’m pretty sure stressing just goes with the territory. And of course, making mistakes starts a feedback loop of stress…

How do you juggle all the freelancing stuff without tripping up? Do you have any tools or methods you use to make sure stuff gets done correctly the first time? I never realized how much I used to rely on feedback and oversight from teammates to keep me from screwing up, but as a freelancer, now I don’t have that.

At present, I make a checklist for every assignment and make sure I check off all the items before I send it to the client… but that only helps me if I write the checklist correctly the first time, which sometimes I don’t because I misread the requirements to begin with. Sometimes I use Trello, and sometimes I just write the checklist manually.

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