Site for non-profit, community choir? Completely inexperienced in webhosted-any advice appreciated!

Hello, and thank you in advance for any help!

I am a complete newbie to the world of webhosting, but have been asked to switch/create a new site for my local community choir. We are a registered non-profit group that yearly puts on 2 free concerts, and then holds a fund-raising dinner/concert. We currently are using yahoo, which switched to turbify, which is now apparently changing their features(?) and will not be offering the same editing options. (Or so I’ve been told)

Our site is mostly used to inform people of the upcoming concerts, provide contact info, and it has a form for interested potential choir members to fill out. Although we do sell tickets for our fundraising dinner, we currently don’t have any online tickets sales options or online donations options, and the vast majority of sales/donations is done via check. (You can probably guess by now the age range of our usual supporters lol)

I was chosen as the board member upon which this mantle of “technological responsibility” would be passed mostly because of my age, as I am significantly younger than the other board members. (By an average of around 40 years lol)

I believe our current monthly bill is around $24. We would like to keep our cost at least the same, but less would obviously be a bonus.

I am feeling quite out if my element and I’m honestly overwhelmed when I start looking into what webhosting provider would be best for our group.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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