small business needs to hire a pro but Im lost.

Hey All, thanks in advance for advice.

My company is a virtual team building provider. We’re hired by companies with remote workers to run team building games online. Our customers are medium and large corporations. We’re were slammed during lock down for obvious reasons but now we’re slow and need to get in front of the companies who stayed remote. The good news is our service area is Earth. The bad news is we don’t know how to best reach our prospective customers.

My concerns are that were a very niche business and I’m worried I won’t be a good fit for the more traditional marketer. I’ve not idea if I need an agency, a consultant, or a small team.

Currently I do it all. SEO, blogs, email newsletter, content, social, etc. I’m not sure the scope of what an agency will do or if they are flexible to share the workload. What are their expectations?

Lastly, what is a realistic way to measure success? Were a small business that needs to get the best ROI but I want to be aware of how much runway I need to plan for.

Thanks again. Looking forward to the feedback.

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