Started my own marketing agency and a potential client is trying to low ball me. Need advice

I got laid off from my marketing position at a Fortune 500 company and decided to make my part time business a full time business and give running my agency a run.

Its been a month and I’ve been giving free consultations and a marketing plan to open the door to business. So far I’ve only had one company seriously interested and I created an outline and next steps to revamp their socials for more engagement but in our initial debrief consultation the owner made a point to tell me about how she was paying someone else $1400 a month and after went through my presentation she mentioned it again.

My base tier for 15 hours of work a week plus reorganizing her website and making an initiative for more reviews, 3-4 posts a week, Google and web analysis per campaign is $1500 and she’s fighting me on it.

I don’t want to devalue you my brand right off the bat but this will be a lot of work and time consuming but I do want the business for my portfolio so I offered to discount it down to $1200 and she still says she can’t afford it. She’s def trying to low ball me, even if she can’t afford it she told me she was paying someone else $1400 a month for SEO and some other work and I’d be doing way more.

How would you guys address it? Leave her in the dust ? The addition to my portfolio may not be worth it but as a new business I could use any funds I can get.

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