Starting a new WebHost company, any tips?

Hello Everyone, I stumbled upon this Reddit and wanted maybe to ask some new views from other fellow professionals.

For a bit of background, I’ve been a freelancer WebDev for some graphic design companies that also do websites, and throughout these 8 years, ended up managing the company’s servers together with websites and emails (297 domains total so far, together with 243 websites built). This year a company decided they are moving away from their hosting provision services and offered me to inherit 60 of their clients.

This was the Kickstarter to start getting my own servers (I already had some previous ones) and since this means also starting to invoice for Hosting Plans and domain sales, I thought to maybe take this opportunity to future-proof the approach and start to provide this service to the public.

Currently, I got 2 dedicated servers, both 4c/8t and 32GB, with one being a bit higher end in terms of performance than the other. I’m installing Control Web Panel in one and still deciding on the second one. The goal is to have them both added to a WHMCS installation for billing and ticketing, and have simple hosting plans so that it doesn’t break the bank but also doesn’t suck in terms of performance.

The rough idea is to charge around $3 for 10GB Plans, $5 for 20GB, or $10 for 40GB with 20, 40, and 60 max. processes respectively.

Currently, this is half planned and half did, but I’m worried that I’d be missing something, any tips from fellow providers would be great.

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