Stay as Jr. Project Manager or transition into Social Media Specialist role?

I’ve been a Jr. Project Manager for a year and a half at my company. Pay isn’t terrible (43K and 3 weeks PTO and a yearly bonus), but the role is very hard to enjoy. I’m a copy writer, digital / print coordinator, video producer, etc. I wear a lot of different hats under this role, which makes for quick days, but almost too stressful to be worth it.

I was offered a role as a Social Media Specialist, which a lot of my deliverables already fall under, but I personally don’t enjoy social media. It’s not that I’m not current on trends or best practices. I just don’t use the apps personally.

I’m wondering if this transition is a step back or step forward—if the change in path would be positive in the sense that I’ll be well situated for future career advancement.

Any insight / guidance would be helpful. Note: pay and benefits would remain the same.

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