Struggling working for this app dev agency, need some input

Been working as a contractor for this mobile app dev agency for 3 months. Beginning was rough since my handover was just a 1 hour meeting with a guy who showed me how to make a build of the project and how to deploy it. It got worse after he left: there is no intermediatory person from agency between me and client. Im basically working directly with client and agency does nothing from day one. Also Im the only android dev and there are two iOS devs, however workload is the same so Im already doing much more work. Expectations seem to be unreasonable, they want us to give estimations for stuff that hasnt even been defined properly. Product owner is incompetent and cant even define tasks properly, communication with backend teamlead was minimal but now he quit so its inexistent now. No business analytic from their side, no UX/UI. Product owner just points at backend swagger documentation and asks us to do stuff in 50 60 hours while I would take 4-6 weeks to do it when working fulltime. There is so much communication needed to even define whats needed to be done.

So after 3 months I asked to bump my hourly rate by 30% since Im doing everything: defining stuff, communicating with backend and even testing. Am i being an asshole here? I mean at bare minimum if client is incapable of defining tasks, agency should send someone to do that. Now we are left alone and agency is getting 50% cut of my actual hourly rate, for basically doing nothing. My fulltime job pays me same hourly and I have less stress and dont have to sacrifice evenings/weekends and I dont have to spend so much time teaching incompetent people how to do their job. Heck I even started doing support work for clients userbase, since PO cant even act as an intermediatory to pass technical information to me…

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