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Disclaimer: This is a rant.

I’ve been using MediaTemple for a long time.

Recently they emailed me about the brand being phased out to let GoDaddy brand take over. I didn’t know but I’ve since assumed the company was already part of GoDaddy because they only mentioned the brand and nothing about an acquisition. Meh.

The thing that affects me is that last year they increased the price. And support was great in the past (a few years ago) but it’s been going downhill for a while now. And to top it off, last year, they closed down the Ticketing system (which was slow but worked) and are pushing support over chat.

Now the chat is just f\*\* terrible. It’s a popup window. No one answers besides the bot. It needs manual validation every 10 minutes or so.. (I think if I don’t click it fast enough, it assumes I’m gone and back to the end of the queue I go).

Finally, my server was apparently going to be migrated to GoDaddy’s system and they even said when it was going to happen (early December 2022) but it didn’t happen, and since then I’ve been waiting but they never give any specific timing anymore and don’t say if it’s done or not. And that was actually the last ticket that I had on the ticketing system that still worked and allowed me to communicate with them (because it was started by them) and it got closed automatically during the holidays with the excuse that I didn’t interact with it for 9 days. So now, chat or telephone is the only way to reach them bastards.

I’m usually quite patient with the webhosting stuff because I don’t have any major websites or anything too critical. But still… this is just terrible service.

I know most of you will laugh at me for using MediaTemple and I hold no grudge. Do it.

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