The best social media marketing tools in 2023

There are various tools that will help you to run targeted advertisements on social media and manage/optimize your business’s social media profile for marketing purposes.

Here, we will list some advanced and competitively priced tools that will help you with social media marketing in 2023:

* **AdPlify-** AdPlify is a modern SAAS suite that packs 7 powerful tools to help you achieve high click-through rates and conversions from your ads at the lowest costs. I would suggest **AdPlify** for advertising on Facebook as its comprehensive ad management, targeting, analytics and optimization features leave nothing to be asked for.
* **Hootsuite**\- This is a social media management tool with specialized features that facilitate marketing on social platforms. It provides many features such as post scheduling, user sentiment analysis, collaboration & detailed analytics to help you boost your social media marketing efforts.
* **Addresponse-** This is an advanced SAAS that manages comments and boosts engagement on Facebook and Instagram. It performs sentiment analysis and automatically detects and removes false or abusive comments from your posts. This helps you to maximize returns on your social media marketing investment.
* **UpViral**\- This tool helps you to automate all aspects of your social media campaign including automatic content sharing, retargeting, split testing, custom domains, giveaway hosting, lead capturing, etc. **Viral Reach** is another affordable option for this purpose.
* **Leads2List-** This is an affordable SaaS that uses advanced APIs to obtain leads from your Facebook lead-gen ads and enters them directly into your autoresponder or CRM system. This unique tool helps you to generate fresh leads from Facebook at low costs.
* **Tweet Push-** This marketing SaaS automatically finds and contacts qualified leads for your business on Twitter, bringing you high-converting traffic at minimal costs. Some of its major functions include monitoring hashtags and keywords, sending scheduled or automated tweets, and replying to relevant tweets.
* **Videoseeder-** This is a Windows-based video syndication app that automatically publishes and shares your videos on every social media platform, hence helping to raise your website traffic manifold.
* **AdEspresso**\- This is one of the leading Facebook advertising tools that provide diverse features at moderate costs. It helps in the planning, setting up, and management of your Facebook ad campaign and offers a high ease of use.

So, these were some of the best social media marketing tools that you must check out now to increase your social media marketing ROI. I hope this helps!

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