The GENIUS Way This Brand Got Kendall Jennder To Wear Their Clothes, For FREE.

Hey all,

Came across this story on TikTok recently, and I thought members of this sub would enjoy it. Keeping it as short as possible:

**The Story**

Triangl is an Australian bikini brand, founded by Erin Deering.

They wanted to break into the US, but didn’t have crazy money to spend.

So, Erin and the team crafted this plan to get it done, for a WHOPPING $0.

**The Plan**

The Triangl team did some Social Stalking™️ and got in touch with a group of Kendall’s friends.

They gifted bikinis to her FRIENDS first.

At first, the team didn’t even reach out to Kendall.

As time went on, Kendall found herself surrounded with Triangl bikinis, and wanted in on the action.

She got in touch with the brand, and the rest is history.

**The Takeaways for Marketers**

👉 When budget is tight, it’s important to think outside the box.

👉 All the followers in the world can’t get rid of FOMO.

👉 Someone should build a “Celebrity Friends” Database.

What are some other stories like this?

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