Today I didn’t feel like working

So I didn’t.

Happy rant: I finished a big project yesterday, and there was plenty of stress. Now there’s not much going on for a week. I checked my emails, then went to the gym. Walked on the beach. Called my mum. Now going back to the gym.

I LOVE this lifestyle.

I take a break because I know there’s noticing pressing to be done. There’s no boss to sweet-talk. There’s just a sense of responsibility to the work. Plus I really love my work (composer). So when I’m doing it it feels fulfilling.

I think many people don’t realize that the freelance life is a valid serious option. Or perhaps they think that freelance = poverty.

Obviously the key to making it fun is to save. If you regularly stash some cash somewhere, then life can feel like “this thing that I create” and not like being trapped (either by poverty or by a boss)

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