TOFU Content: Gated vs ungated?

I was talking to my marketing agency about launching a series of top-of-the-funnel/awareness content and I initially wanted each content to be gated behind a form. The goal is to capture leads every time someone downloads a whitepaper or eGuide.

My agency advised against it and suggested keeping them ungated.

I’m so used to thinking everything should be gated, so this is definitely a change in my thinking.

I can kind of understand it since:

1. Ungated content will keep people downloading our content.
2. Forms can discourage people from filling them out.
3. While we don’t capture their details, our ads will follow them on social and display.

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks. How common is this practice? Is this method applicable to MOFU/BOFU content?

Edit: This is B2B Marketing.

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