Transferring domain registrar on GoDaddy – but what about email?

Hoping somebody can help me with this.

For the first time I took on a new client (a friend) who had an existing website hosted on his previous dev’s own servers. He just wanted a maintenance package including hosting, so I had to move his site onto my own hosting provider (Siteground). His domain is registered on GoDaddy, so I of course changed the nameservers to point to the new hosting on SG. Website working fine after changeover.

However – his emails have stopped working and I’m trying to fix for him urgently.

My understanding (limited) was that I needed to create a new email account for the same address on the new hosting provider then update the mx records on the domain. However, on GoDaddy (where the domain is registered and where I changed the nameservers) I am not able to edit the DNS – it says:

“We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.”

Apologies to sound like a n00b but what am I missing? How can I migrate his emails to get them working?

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