Unlimited Custom Domain Emails: Is it possible?

Is there a way to have unlimited email domains and alias under one mail box?

For example:
[Person1@email.com](mailto:Person1@email.com) sends an email to [johndoe@mydomain.com](mailto:johndoe@mydomain.com), then sends a seperate email to [support@otherdomain.com](mailto:support@otherdomain.com). Can i see both those emails in one mailbox hub and when I go to reply to the email Person1 sent to [support@otherdomain.com](mailto:support@otherdomain.com) it will say it was sent from [support@otherdomain.com](mailto:support@otherdomain.com) and then I can go to the email sent to [johndoe@mydomain.com](mailto:johndoe@mydomain.com) and reply from that email.

Any possibility for a solution that accomplishes this?

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