Update on a client that used the designs without paying

Hi all, I hope you are well!

After a few weeks my friend’s client who used his designs recently texted him asking for his banking details. Apparently the client sent the text first via email, my friend saw it but didn’t respond as he said he wants nothing to do with the client. So he’s been basically ignoring him

The client further went on to text my friend on Instagram asking for his banking details. We’re not sure what he wants to pay for since he did a logo and a cover art design (client used the logo first without paying)

So what I need help from you guys is please give some advice on this; should he respond and give banking details so he can pay for whatever design he wants to use? (But he doesn’t want to seem that the client’s money can change his mind, he just wants very minimal contact with him)

My suggestion was he can give him the details send through what’s left then probably never work with him again? I don’t know but I’d appreciate feedback.

Thank you & happy Christmas

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