User Profiles for WordPress Hosting Accounts

Hi All,

I’m a blogger and I want to write a post recommending hosting plans for particular ‘user profiles’ of people who are looking for WP hosting but I’m not sure I have enough info on the different user profiles that are out there.

By user profile I mean the type of person and the type of site that person has and is looking to host. So far I have something like this, is it accurate or would you suggest a set of different ones?


* I’m new to web hosting and have a small and basic site (eg dentist or ‘brochure type site’)
* I have a brochure site which gets quite a lot of traffic (10,000 users p month in visitors)
* I have a medium sized ecommerce store
* I have a large site and a significant budget and dont mind paying for the best in class hosting

I hope what I’m trying to ask for makes sense and thank you for your contributions.

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