Vendor wants a portion of my wage..

I was offered a consulting contract on C2C at a set rate via a sub contract. The 2nd party wants to take a 3% discount from my monthly pay. Meaning they want take 3% of my pay per the agreement they have with the company contracting me. This was after they attempted to renegotiate my rate after extending an offer.

Using arbitrary numbers, here is an example : Pre interview, we agreed on $80/hour (didn’t want to waste my time if the money wasn’t right) ,post interview they tried to negotiate down to $75. Then I agreed to take off $1 taking the rate to $79.

I was honestly confused by this , and had never dealt with this kind of penny-pinching. I then received the contract with this 3% discount clause. The vendor then offered to cover 1.5%, and I would cover the other 1.5%. I refused.

Obviously this is nonsense for a C2C contract. Or any contract for that matter. Solid theft. I wasn’t aware of this clause until I received the contract and haven’t signed anything. I should also note I’ve never had an issue with my rates in the past, and my asking rate is lower than what I would normally request.

Should I just walk away from this?

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