Video Hosting Service for embedding Videos (No User Uploads) – Vimeo Alternatives?

I’m developing a platform that requires me to embed a large amount of short-form videos. At the beginning approx. 500 Videos, each between 5-15 seconds long. It only needs to be embedded, user cannot upload videos themselves.

Additionally, I need to get the video file download link to the video so I can use the videos with my custom Video Player in my mobile app. Thus I can’t upload to YouTube because then I need to use the YouTube Player. I want my videos to have no controls at all and continuously loop, similarly to a GIF.

I originally planned to use Vimeo’s pro tier because it only costs $16/month and provides a video file link, which I can then use with my custom Video Player. However, Vimeo changed its pricing tier and now limits the amount of uploaded videos. If I were to use Vimeo I would need to get the standard tier with 5 seats which would total around $900/year.

The alternative of course is to use Amazon S3 buckets however this is billed based on downloaded bandwidth. As I’m not sure how many users I will have and how much bandwidth each user consumes, I can’t know how much it will cost at the end and whether it is cheaper than Vimeo at the end.

Vimeo with the previous pricing plan would be the ideal solution. Does anyone have a similar problem and knows an alternative?

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