Vultr’s new user authentication process is absurd (

When I first tried to register, for some reason, all of the credit cards I tried were rejected. For one to be rejected is odd; for several to be rejected indicates a bug in their authentication system.

The following day, I tried again and was able to register a credit card successfully. Then Vultr asked for a picture of the credit card along with a picture of a government-issued ID. I thought a rigorous check was totally warranted.

Then they asked me for a picture of me holding the government-issued ID I submitted. Fair enough, I thought. Vultr IP addresses must be in really good standing with all of these checks.

Then they asked me for more information about the other two cards that were rejected. I replied, telling them that there’s no reason for them to have that information—after all, I’m only going to associate one card with the account.

They refused to budge, saying that confirming those other two cards is necessary. What kind of provider needs three credit cards?! I’ve already registered without issue with several other VPS providers.

Has anyone else experienced something like this?

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