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1. Main DVD (with Japanese subtitles).

2. Movie Instruction Booklet
Image and actor expression: Ishida.

Do not ride on the time machine, … Hideyuki Kikuchi
“Dr. Caligari” Monotorora, Nishushi Matsumura
The world of Dr. Caligari as seen in the pictures… Tetsuro Matsuheira
Dr. Caligari Cast & Staff: Nishushi Matsumura
*The content of the DVD is the same as the ready-made “Dr. Caligari New Translation”.

Artwork explanation
The story of Dr. Caligarli, known as a representative work of German expressionism was written after World War I by poet Hans Janovitz and Karl Meyer. Karl Meyer draws pictures on white paper at that time.
It is said that Dr. Caligari was created based on the story of the most popular Dr. Furthermore, Fritz Lang was the first and last of this work from the “Metropolis” and the Valley of the Reap”. The weird and monstrous story is still told now.

Model Number: IDM-501
Barcode: 4571244175015
Title: Dr. Caligari All-in-One DVD-BOOK (1)
Title: Cana: Carigarihakaseen All-in-One Div Book 1
Release Date: 23/01/2008
Price For: 933 yen (excluding tax)
DVD format: Single sided
Play time: 48
Image Color: Black and White
Voice: Silent
Subtitles: Japanese subtitles.
Screen Size: Standard
DVD production: WHD Japan.
Release : Limited Forward
Sale: Forward Limited
Product Remarks: With instructions The recorded footage of Dr. Caligari (IDM-105) is the same.
Year of Construction : 1919
Country of Manufacture: Germany.
Artist: Elich Pomer
DIRECTED BY: Roberto Weine
CAST: Conraut Fight / Verner Krauss / Lil Dakofer / Friedrich Fevel / Heinrich von Twardowski
The lining is a protective cleaner material that absorbs dirt and protects your screen from scratches and keeps it clean
Inside the notebook has a pocket to store your license, Suica or credit cards
With NYAGO has a variety of fashionable and cute popular cat designs to cool and trendy patterns
With a unique cat pattern taste, you can get caught from cute cat patterns to funny impact patterns Each model has a dedicated camera hole so you can take photos while the notebook is attached .Snap less magnetic hand for smooth opening and closing CaseMarket’s special high definition print is beautifully detailed and expressive Notebook part: Stain-resistant synthetic leather Case: Polycarbonate material (color cannot be selected).

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