Web Hosting Advice A2 vs Namecheap

Hi everyone,

I need a decent **dedicated server** with a great company (**Managed**), and After a lot of searches, I found the best candidate A2 and Namecheap. I have a dedicated server right now and thinking of migrating.

* **What is your monthly budget?**

Budget up to 400$/monthly.

* **Where are you/your users located?**

Most of my users are in the Middle east.

* **What kind of site are you hosting (WordPress, phpBB, custom software, etc), or what is your use case?**

The websites are 75% WordPress and 15% custom PHP ( 10% of them are using emails only).

* **Do you have a monthly traffic volume? Estimates are ok.**

The monthly traffic volume is around +100K (the best guess).

* **If you’re looking at VPSes: Do you have experience administrating Linux servers and infrastructure?**

I want it **managed** to save me the hassle.

* **Did you read the sidebar/check out the hosts listed there? I’ve personally vetted these companies and their services are a good fit for 99% of people.**

And yes I’ve checked them many times.


Namecheap has better specs overall. While A2 has the speed I guess and stuff idk about.

I’m thinking of 2 plans:


**Dual AMD EPYC 7282** plan
would cost around 5000$/yr

A2hosting: **WARP 2 TURBO AMD** plan
would cost around 5250$/yr

Could you guys please help me out? what should I pick? are there any better great and cheap alternatives?

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our recommended web hosting companies


website link: namecheap.pxf.io/Alaaeldin.medium


website link: https://hostinger.sjv.io/Jr95Qr

InMotion hosting

website link: partners.inmotionhosting.com/XxJ0Jg


website link: hubspot.sjv.io/DV2O35

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