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Hey everyone!

The company I work for has been having tons of issues with e-mails lately. Seems like our hosting provider has been flagged by Google and Outlook as spam and now we can’t get e-mails through to half our clients. Truthfully they have been abysmal from the get go. But it was setup before my time and I am kind of the tech guy simply because of my age. My bosses don’t really understand much about that kind of stuff.

So, they have asked me to try and fix our hosting and gave me permission to move to another host. However, our web site is just a simple WordPress page, and not really even up to date or a concern. But our e-mails are something that we need to work without issue and without caps (preferably). I have seen that separate hosting for e-mails and hosting is now pretty popular, but I would like to move all the hosting to a different more reliable and supportive company.

Can anyone give any recommendations for decent hosting that has access to solid e-mail hosting (even if it just supports a third party). Our hosting offers GSuite compatibility, but that is really expensive (the most expensive) compared to others. Paying per user at a rate per month of almost what our hosting costs entirely doesn’t seem necessary. I wouldn’t take it off the table. But I have seen other e-mail hosts coming in at significantly lower prices than GSuite, and I don’t need/want all those bells and whistles.

I just need some Pop3 hosting that can actually send and e-mail and store a significant amount of e-mails (drawings attached regularly – 10+MB/email often). And something that can host a small splash page type website with no blog.

Sorry lots to rant off there. Hopefully it made sense.

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our recommended web hosting companies


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