Webhosting for Dummies – How do I host my dumb side projects?

Hey folks – So sometimes I get bored and I throw together little side projects that need to be hosted for a period of time so I can show off to my friends what I wasted my time on. For example, in 20167 I had some fun creating a mock landing page for Melania Trump’s BeBest campaign, [BeBester.com](https://imgur.com/q1yMAck)… around the time that I simultaneously launched the [Daily Donald](https://www.dailydonald.net/). But my life isn’t a non-stop TDS merry-go-round. I’ve got a few other dumb projects in the works. I’ve got more sophisticated projects, I’ve got simple single page websites… I’ve got concepts I’d like to A/B test through sign-up landing pages… but it seems like everything needs to go through Wix or SquareSpace or something nowadays. What happened to the good old days when I could just use SmartFTP to upload content to a server with a simply coded html landing page? Is there a simple web hosting services, that is fairly turn-key that a luddite like myself could figure out that would enable to me to host my own (self-built) content across multiple domains… for a low monthly fee that fits the niche of content I’m making? Would love any guidance. Happy to elaborate if more context is needed. Thanks!

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