Webhosting self host set up

I’m Quite lexdystic so mind the broken English 🤣🤣

Web hosting bills are going up and up and up

So I have purchased a Dell Poweredge R510 Dual Xeon 5600, 12 Core cpus

64gb dimm

10x2tb drives in the front Raid 10

2x2tb ssds internal

But I want more before I colocate it in my local area

So iv been looking at using a Netapp DS4246
(24x2TB 7.2K SAS Drives)

But I literally have no experience with NetApp and configuration with VMware ESXi

As of right now I’m Running Ubuntu with Plesk

No Hypervisor just everything for plesk 🙈

Any pointers?

I need to Ditch my Monthly VPS/root server Bill

Down time isn’t an issue whilst I switch over I’m still at the stage it’s sat on my desk, just making noise because I want to make sure it actually stays on and no HW faults

So yeah the question is, will this work
And any Pointers?

Lots of love 💜

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