What is Krystal’s Managed WP “Visits” stat referring to?

I’m new to hosting, and have been doing my research and have decided to use Krystal to host my site.

My site is going to use WordPress. It will start out with few visits but hopefully (if the stars align) have an upward trajectory. Who knows.

Anyway, I know that managed WordPress hosting is often a marketing gimmick, to an extent, but I’m leaning towards opting for it with Krystal because, based on what I’ve read, their specific managed WP service and support would be beneficial to me as a newbie.

I’m not set on it, though. So I’m trying to decide what package to go for.

My question: what exactly do they mean by “visits” here:


My best guess is that it means “your site will be super speedy and optimised for this number of visits per month or fewer. If you get more visits than this, your site will still work (because bandwidth is unlimited) but it may slow down”. Is this correct? Or is it a hard cap? Or something else?


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