What should I look for when searching a good hosting option?


I’m currently looking for a new hosting solution for my future website. Right now I use a host I got from school long time ago, but I’m about to launch a blog and I’m looking for green hosting solution.

I’m based in Canada, but I’m not sure what should I look for.

1. Should the host be based in the same country?
2. How much storage do I need?
3. How much RAM and CPU do I need?

Right now, I’m looking at the price (Renewal ones, because first time is always cheaper), but I’m also confused about all the details.

* **Planethoster (Canada) – 119$/y**
* Storage: Unlimited
* RAM : 16Gb
* Mailbox: Unlimited
* Cons: Seems too good to be true and nobody know this company.
* **Web Hosting Canada (Canada) – 120$/y**
* Storage: Unlimited
* RAM: 1024Mb
* Mailbox: Unlimited 2Gb
* **IONOS (Germany) – 120$/y**
* Storage: 250Gb
* RAM: 3 to 6 Gb
* 640Mb PHP memory limit (no idea what it does)
* Mailbox: 1 2Gb
* **Eco Web Hosting (UK) – 126$/y**
* Storage: 50Gb SSD
* Mailbox: 50
* **Krystal (UK) – 194$/y**
* Storage: Unlimited
* RAM: 2Gb
* Mailbox: Unlimited
* **One.com** **(Denmark) – 204$/y**
* Storage: 100Gb
* RAM: 1Gb
* Mailbox: Unlimited 3gb

Host-inger is also in the list, but seems like we can’t talk about it here. I use it for one domain (without hosting) and never had any problem.



Thank you very much.

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