What to do when you can’t leave the learning phase

When the cost per result for our offer is too expensive to leave the learning phase, we have to pivot how we use Facebook. It is very common to say that everyone should always be running conversion campaigns to make sales. This is absolutely true if you can get enough volume of conversions to leave the learning phase. If you can’t afford to do that, i.e.: you have a $500 CPA and a $200 daily budget, that does it mean you can’t use Facebook ads. Facebook ads are still the world’s best way of generating intent at scale to grow your business.

If we can’t afford to leave the learning phase, it is very popular for folks to suggest that you focus on an upper final objective. This is also a very bad idea. driving a high volume of low-quality traffic to your funnel makes everything that works in your funnel after the initial click far less effective. So we have to focus on what is the high confidence inflection point that we can focus on driving a higher volume of higher quality traffic with our Facebook ads.

If you can afford to run Facebook ads, and you do have a high ticket offer, that implies that you are successfully driving revenue from some customer journey. Rather than driving link clicks, or optimizing to add to cart, it is far more effective to have the end of the Facebook Funnel be a high-value bottleneck in the customer journey.

This is often executed by driving up the volume of sales calls, or email address capture for a high-converting email flow or setting up in-person meetings, like test drives for motor vehicles or open houses for real estate

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