What’s a good Email to send to introduce billing to a new service that I’ve already started working on?

**TL;DR Started a new ads service for a great long-term client. Normally never invoice when doing a little thing here or there because the client is so awesome and provides stable income for years. This however is a proper project with significant value, and I’m feeling nervous to send an Email notifying I’d like to invoice for the service. I actually started the project without even discussing invoicing because I thought it would fizzle out and not be as successful as it was (as were some of the Client’s ideas), but much to my (happy) amazement it’s way more successful than I could’ve imagined and will likely turn into a long-term project. How can I respectfully & kindly create billing terms for this new project and keep the relationship as positive & long-term as it’s been?**

I am providing social media/branding services to a client for $x per month for the last three years. The client is awesome. He’s chill, rarely calls, Emails are concise, only positive communication, and every year pays for flight/hotel/food/etc. to a brief meeting/party for everyone associated with the company.

When asked to do a little extra here or there, it never really crossed my mind to bill for it because this client has been my “stable baseline.” No matter what happens with my other work, I’ve always considered this client to be my rock-hard foundation in terms of income.

Recently the client asked me to run digital marketing ads in order to open more franchise locations. This is a rather large undertaking, and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure how possible it would do.

I have a few other clients where I exclusively do digital marketing ads, and that work pays much higher than this current client (this client represents maybe 25% of my total income, but has been stable for years and 2 years ago represented 100% of my income).

I typically charge a % of adspend, meaning that the more we spend on ads, the more I will invoice because it requires significantly more work.

To my amazement today my ads to open more franchises are doing rather… amazing. It is going significantly better than expected. To be honest, I had expected they’d do a bit worse, and this sub-project would quickly fade out and I’d be back in my normal work routine with regards to this client.

I’m not sure for how long the client wants to run ads for, but I do think that now I’d like to bring up additional invoicing for this particular project as it isn’t a truly small thing here or there but instead a proper project providing measurable value to the client.

If I’m being completely honest, I feel nervous to bring up invoicing because I’ve invoiced basically the same monthly amount to the client for nearly 4 years now, excluding extra invoices for travel.

Even though this income now represents 20-25% of my income, it does feel like a safe/secure baseline; even though my other clients/projects have made up an additional 80% of my income, it fluctuates and spirals (though it’s remained relatively consistent over the last year).

I now feel more comfortable to ask this client for more money.

In short, what would be a good Email template that I can send to bring up invoicing in regards to this project? I’d like to mention that I will invoice based on x% of adspend, net-7, as per my normal agreement with other clients that I provide facebook ads for, on top of the $x per month for the normal services provided.

Note that it MUST be over Email. The client is way too busy for calls, and we rarely call (seriously we call once or twice per year and half of the calls are friendly chats about life).

In short I feel nervous to bring up billing because it’s just been normal for me to invoice $x per month for years over years, and this Client has been my stable baseline when I had no other clients. And as mentioned I just got to work on this project not thinking it would be too long-term, but it has turned out to be immensely more successful than imagined and thus may turn into a long-term project.

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